You can also use your WicommFi range extender as an Access point by connecting it to the wireless router, using an Ethernet cable. Let your wireless network reach over a large distance effectively. The best Access Point which you can get in the market is WicommFi Range Extender which can be used as an Access Point. This device is one of the best wireless Access Points for your business. An Access Point has a lot of benefits as it provides high wifi range, excellent signal strength. Access Points can support 60 devices simultaneously so you have a better option for large area requiring wireless coverage as it has stronger ability to receive and send signals.

You can convert the WicommFi range extenders into Access Points and can increase the network coverage and the bandwidth. In order to covert the range extender to Access Point, change your extender to AP mode. Then connect it with your existing router using an Ethernet cable and enjoy all the benefits of Access Points. One of the great benefits of using an Access Point is that it not only supports house users to meet the requirements of a family but more users. The WicommFi Access Point provides you with a variety of modes which makes it very flexible and simple. You can roam from one room to another without experiencing any network interruption by using your WicommFi extender as an access point. It can cover up to 100-300 meters and provides a wide coverage area.

This device not only increases the area coverage but it also increases the bandwidth. Especially for business, their office space is quite large and the numbers of wifi users are more, so to avoid interference, poor signal strength and less coverage the Access Points is the best option available to them.