The password can be common no issues in that but putting the common wifi name will create a conflict. It is recommended to keep a different in name by a letter or number, let say if you router name is “Ron”, you can name you extender as “Ron_ext” or “Ron1” but not “Ron” again.
Wicommfi extender comes along with 15 days of the hardware replacement warranty and also 100 Days of software support.
Wicommfi extender’s Username is “admin” and the password is also “admin” and the IP address for the Extender is
Yes, if you are facing buffering problems on the smart TV, installing Wicommfi extender between the router and Tv will certainly resolve that problem for you.
No, You can do the setup without computer as well by using your tablet or phone, simply scan the QR code found on the extender and follow the on screen instructions and your setup will be done.
No, our extenders our plug and play device, simply plug it to the wall even using a phone or tablet connect to the extender name on the wifi list or scan the given QR code on it and follow simple process of setup.
The major difference is three modes that it is giving you access point / range extender and router mode. Normal dual band extenders come with 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz band frequency whereas wicommfi extender provides you 2.4Ghz and 5.Ghz frequency giving you better speed and area coverage.
No, the Wicommfi extender is one of the easiest extender to configure in the market with different ways to configure it like with a computer hard wired to it, or using the WPS easy setup and also using the QR scan code option.
  • Connect a computer to the Wicommfi Extender using WiFi or Ethernet and launch a web browser.
  • Visit http://
  • It will ask you for your username and password which is username – admin and password – admin
  • Now you are logged in and good to go.
Always use WPA2 Security Type for Advance security protocol.

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