Services - Terms & Conditions

This agreement is hereby settled upon between Techboy Solutions and the “customer” i.e. you. Any terms used in the agreement viz. “we”, and “us” shall refer to Techboy Solutions and any reference to “you” shall mean the customer/end user in focus.
Thank you for purchasing services from Techboy Solutions . We value your trust and assure you of the best services at all times. As our customer, when you are buying our product or service, you agree to our terms and conditions as below:


Techboy Solutions shall keep confidential all the information provided to them by the customer except such information which is already generally known to the public and agrees that they shall not release, use, or disclose of the same except with the prior written permission of the customer, or if required by the law enforcement agencies or an order from the judiciary court. However, Techboy Solutions will be entitled to divulge the information to those who are directly concerned or as may be necessary in order to obtain certain information necessary for the performance of his obligations