Optimize Home

Optimizes to your home.

Optimize your Network with WicommFi wireless range extender and say goodbye to the dead zones. Basically, this wireless extender receives signals from an existing router and passes it to no internet zones so that a user will be able to get internet everywhere. This WiFi booster can work as a router as well as an access point. So, you are getting three benefits in a single device.

Maximize Range And Efficiency

Enjoy online games with no lags, stream 4k videos and browse internet with WICOMMFI extender. You can use internet from any corner of your home. First extender to provide 3 operation modes Range extender, Access point and Router mode.

Extender Range
Extender Feature

350 Mbps

2.4GHz Dual Band

Extender Feature

450 Mbps

5GHz Dual Band

For The First Time- QR Code Easy Setup

Installation is easy through QR code. Scan the code with your device and it’s done.The best feature one can have for the Extender setup. There are no chances of errors and mistakes in the setup if you are setting up the WicommFi extender through this method.

QR Code
Extender Anatomy